Traveling in Style

To make long plane rides more bearable, The Ray and the Ro reveal their travel essentials.

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Whoever said it's about the journey and not the destination clearly doesn't fly on airplanes. With spring and summer fast approaching and resort season in full gear, we can't help but have a little travel fever as we sit at our desks. However, whether you want to stroll through museums in little ol' Paris, or lounge on a beach, you likely have to first suffer through a plane ride. Take it from style-savvy celebs, and copy their go-to travel uniform: skinny jeans, boots, scarves and large sunglasses to hide those tired eyes.

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The Ray and The Ro are well-versed in what to bring to the airport, and what you might consider keeping on you as you jet off on your next adventure.

Ray's Survival Essentials: While it's not easy to get off a long-haul flight feeling beautiful, it's key to remember a few tips that will make the trip more enjoyable, and keep you looking as fresh as possible. I pack a good sized carry-on and stock it with cozy socks, fresh fruit, my iPod, and a few key beauty items to help keep dry skin moisturized and eyes white. Large shades hide tiredness, and a pair of zip-up ankle boots adds height without sacrificing comfort. Don an oversized scarf that will double as a blanket, or even a pillow.

1. Stella McCartney Aviator Sunglasses, $250 2. Fresh Fruit, local market 3. Bhavna Rishi Schal Pashmina, $101 4. Acne Pistol Short Boot, $520 5. Klorane Dry Shampoo, Travel Size, $7.50 and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer To Go, $19.50

Ro's Survival Essentials: When it comes to traveling, I'm all about comfort. A good pullover that keeps me warm and cozy is key, and that's why I love the knit Wildfox Couture Seeing Stars Lennon Sweater. I also can't live without technology on those long flights, and my Apple products keep me from dying of airplane boredom. I, of course, treat my technology like my wardrobe and dress it up in hot designers. I love the Tibi iPhone covers; the designs are so chic and fun.

1. Much More Better Travel Bottle Kit, $6 2. Longchamp x Jeremy Scott Paradise Duffel, $320 3. Tibi iPhone 4G White Cover, $55 4. Wildfox Couture Seeing Stars Lennon Sweater, $229.00 5. From Forest To France Passport Case, $13

Best friends and blogging partners Roberta Oglakchya and Rachel Hurn-Maloney founded The Ray and the Ro to show off stylish looks, share their wishlists, and break down runway fashion.

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