I'm an overplanner. In
typical Capricorn style, I make lists for every mall outing, plan birthday
gifts months in advance, organize and reorganize my bills to make sure
everything is in line. This also makes me uncomfortable with change, which
explains why I've also had the same hairstyle since I was 12 - long and
layered. My friends have been begging me to cut it short; while their version
of this is ear-length, mine is closer to elbow-length.

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I finally decided to
start small and get bangs. I began scouring website and magazines for celeb
photos of the bangs I wanted. I even used MC's
website virtual
hair salon feature
, where you can upload your picture and try different
styles to see how you would look. After a few weeks, I decided I'd get those
great swooping bangs Keira Knightley sports - only it wasn't so great. I could
never style them right and ended up pinning them to the side all the time. I
didn't look different at all.

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A month later, I went to
the salon for my usual trim. When the hairdresser asked me, "So what are we
doing today?" I looked in the mirror, and said, "I want bangs. Straight
across." I was biting my lip as she was preparing to cut a big chunk of my
hair. But after it was all done, I loved it! I finally looked 'different' and
my friends loved the change. It's crazy how something so small can feel so
liberating. I guess spontaneity can be good - and I won't be that afraid to try
something new...maybe even a shorter style.

How do you feel after a
new hairstyle? Do you plan it out, or is it always spontaneous?

What do you think?