10 Non-Cheesy 4th of July Outfits Brought to You by Celebrities

Old Glory was not meant to be worn as a string bikini, sir.

Here's the plan for this Independence Day: While everyone else commits what should be classified as high treason against the state *and* against fashion, there will be nary a star on your body. (Stripes are okay.) You will look chic, well-ventilated, and casual, but you will not think about anything more than whatcocktail you'll try next. And why is that? Easy—we've done all the work for you.

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1 All-Eyelet-Everything

The white eyelet lace and the scalloped shorts are pretty, but not overly stuffy. 

2 The Battle of the Navies

Double navy, but more so Boogie Nights than Canadian tuxedo. Extra points for the '70s-style high waisted denim. 

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3 Stripes on Stripes

A more stylish way of wearing nautical stripes without it skewing too stars-and-bars. 

4 The Deconstructed Button-Up

Don't simply put your arms in both sleeves: celebrate another kind of emancipation with a breezy off-the-shoulder top (pro tip: an oxfordshirt shifted and buttoned up the side works too). 

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5 The Matching Ensemble

Further proof that matchy-matchy outfits are the cool-girl style of the future. 

6 The Denim Overalls

Wide-leg denim overalls + a white tee = easy sophistication and sleeveless freedom. 

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7 The Slip Dress

For non-BBQ Independence Day events, there's Dakota Johnson's breezy-yet-polished Apiece Apart dress ensemble. The blue mules give a nod to the proceedings, while the wicker basket evokes the grand American tradition of day-drinking outside.

8 The Denim Playsuit

Attention, tank-and-shorts girls: Ashley Madekwe's modified co-ords—a raw-edge denim tank and similarly distressed cutoffs—are how you look slightly more put-together/festive.

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9 The Dress and Sneakers

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: drape your jacket over your shoulders à la Gigi Hadid, and even the most basic of outfits feels instantly cooler.

10 The Roman Holiday 2.0

1. Espadrilles beat flip-flops any day.

2. Even with the defined waist, A-line is still a great shape for girls planning to park themselves by the grill. (Who, me?)

3. I pledge allegiance to Christy Turlington Burns.

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