Big Girl in a Skinny World: Travel-Friendly Must-Haves

Plus-size style expert Nicolette Mason rounds up your travel-friendly must-haves.

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    Jet Setter

    There are few occasions that inspire more panic in a curvy girl than a vacation—specifically, packing for one. It's hard enough finding fashionable and flattering everyday clothes, but what on earth does one wear for sunset cocktails on the beach? Or an afternoon traipsing through ancient ruins? I've spared myself a lot of anxiety (and extra luggage fees) by making sure that every item I pack works with at least two outfits, one casual and one more formal. I also keep colors light and airy—they'e more comfortable and less likely to mark you as a tourist.

    A word of advice: Don't blow your budget on last-minute purchases you'll never wear again. (You'll kick yourself later.) My top travel go-to's transition easily to my wardrobe back home. Send me pics of your favorite vacay looks on Twitter at @NicoletteMason. Bon voyage!

    Lydia Hudgens
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