6 Top Bloggers Share Their Summer to Fall Transition Tips

It's time to say a familiar farewell to sweet summertime and an excited hello to autumn! From dreamy sweaters to luxurious leather, we turned to six of the fashion set's top beautiful bloggers — Julia Engel, Rachel Parcell, and Shea Marie, for starters — to give us the low-down on fall fashion.


August 23, 2013 12:38 PM
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Courtesy of Designers

Rachel Parcell (Pink Peonies)

Pink Peonies

As the summer season begins to shift, so does my wardrobe. However, I love to utilize pieces I already own and mix them in with new to create a fresh and updated look as we make the transition from summer to fall.

I use my wardrobe staple pieces like my leather jacket, blazers or unique vests for layering.

Next, I start infusing jewel tone colors in and pairing them with softer colors and finally, I add deeper hues to my beauty routine whether it's a charcoal nail polish, a burgundy lip or a chocolate brown eye shadow.