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    Broken Beauty

    "I had foot surgery, and now I have to wear a clunky walking boot. I'm 5-feet tall and the boot has taken over! Any suggestions for trying to look stylish with it? Besides ballet flats, what are some good shoe options?"

    About a year ago, I too was confined to one of those dreaded boots. While you're recovering, I suggest adopting a menswear approach: Wear pants that cover the boot and do whatever you like above the waistband. I always wore a black shoe because it mitigated the effect of the black orthopedic boot. Since you'll be embracing flats while you're healing, consider taking the menswear look a little further: Menswear-inspired footwear, such as a wingtip, is very on-trend at the moment. And buying new flats won't be a waste because you'll be shying away from heels for a number of weeks after you're free of the boot. Heal, repair, and don't sacrifice your style!

    Richard Majchrzak/Studio D
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