Tim Gunn's Rules of Style

The Project Runway mentor and fashion guru answers all your style conundrums.


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    Foot Patrol

    "Hey, Tim. Here's my question: Is toe cleavage a mortal sin? What are some tricks for minimizing it? Or should it just never happen?"

    Toe cleavage? Let me make certain that we're both on the same page. I'm assuming that you're not talking about open-toed shoes; rather, you mean a shoe with a slim vamp that reveals the top digit of your toes, yes? Frankly, there's nothing wrong with either shoe. They're simply a matter of taste: Chacun à son goût. Are there societal or cultural biases about either style of shoe? Oh, surely, but that holds true for any accessory or item of apparel. Recently, I became entangled in a debate about whether strappy sandals are vulgar or not. Not, say I, but there are those who sexualize everything and associate sexuality with vulgarity. So, show off your toe cleavage with impunity!

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