10 Summer to Fall Beauty Buys

With the summer almost over (sob) and fall coming fast and furious (sweaters!), it’s time to rethink your beauty regimen. As the season changes, so should your primping products. What works on your skin during the hot, humid season might not be as effective when the weather cools. Here, the top ten products you need to look your sexiest going into September.


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    Lip Service

    Summertime is all about lightweight, unsmudgeable makeup — hence the popularity of sweetly sheer lip tints. But since richer hues and textures reign in the fall, try a buildable lipstain you can layer into a deeper shade as the weather gets cooler. Try Revlon Colorstay Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm ($8.99) — luscious shine, long-lasting color.

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