Our First Annual Most Wanted Beauty Awards

More than 12,000 of you shared your most watched, most visited, most liked apps, sites, personalities, products, and more in our reader survey.


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    Top Brand for Bargains: Elf

    Launched just six years ago, this maker of brushes, blushes, and more is already an industry leader, earning a third of the votes in its category.

    "Even though they're inexpensive, ELF's products are good quality. They have so many colors to try, so I can experiment without investing a lot of money." —Carol Ann Sweeney, 39, Clayton, NJ

    ELF Studio Collection Baked Eyeshadow Palette, $10; 11-Piece Brush Set, $30 (Concealer Brush, Angled Foundation Brush, and Fan Brush shown).

    Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D.
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