How Socially Savvy Perfume Gets Made

Eco-chic supermodel Angela Lindvall travels to Uganda to meet the women who give life to a sustainable perfume.


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    Message in a Bottle

    Eager to see the project come to life, Lindvall traveled to Africa this January. Meeting the farmers firsthand was a moving experience for the supermodel. "Immaculate has a spectacular farm. And with the income she now earns from vanilla, she grows other crops, like bananas and coffee; employs a large staff; and supports her family — she has nine kids!" Lindvall says. "It was eye-opening to see how empowered the women had become. Once they were able to bring incomes to their households, they gained independence — a voice. It transformed their lives dramatically."

    Also life-changing for the farmers: smelling the finished perfume for the first time when Lindvall arrived with samples. "They were so proud to know that their vanilla was inside; they truly cherished it!"

    Her next stop: Togo, home to locally farmed verbena-basil, the featured crop in the second PureDKNY perfume, due out later this year.

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