Travel Diary: Florence, Italy and the Gucci Flora Garden Collection

MC's Executive Beauty Editor traveled to Florence, Italy for the launch of Gucci's new fragrance collection, Flora Garden. She reports back on the five fresh scents, and the couture gowns designed to complement them.


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    The Scent of Gucci

    The next morning, I get a more intimate glimpse of the fragrance via total sensory immersion. First, I sit down to discuss the new perfumes and beauty in general with Kershaw, who is disarmingly mellow considering she's the world's top supermodel du jour. "Frida really gave me a chance," she confesses in a charming Australian accent, referring to back when she was virtually unknown and Giannini cast her as an exclusive model for a Gucci runway show. "She basically found me in a hippie commune!" Fast forward to now: They're still working together, but Kershaw, while still very much the bohemian, is just a smidge more famous. "It has been amazing to watch her become a more confident and sophisticated woman," Giannini tells me later. "She's constantly evolving." While Kershaw can't seem to pick a favorite scent from the collection, "I’m still getting to know them," she demures, she does share a few of her all-natural beauty secrets: plenty of spritzes of rosewater and pure coconut oil hair treatments. After all, you've got to be kind to bleached hair. (Pick up the April issue of Marie Claire for all of her beauty and style picks).
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