What I Love About Me: Jersey Shore

These sunny Jersey boardwalkers prove they're class acts — not a Snooki pouf in sight.


July 20, 2011 8:00 PM

Boardwalk Beauties

Sheryll Ramos, 27

"My never-been-dyed, shiny hair is really low-maintenance — like the rest of my personality."

Boardwalk Beauties

Jane Kim, 24

"Strappy sandals really show off my cute, well-proportioned toes."

Boardwalk Beauties

Chanel Boyd, 27

"I'm actually very shy, but my smile lets people know that I'm warmhearted and approachable."

Boardwalk Beauties

Marissa Demeri, 18

"I like breaking the tanned, brunette Jersey girl convention with my porcelain skin and bright red hair."

Boardwalk Beauties

Alyssa Hackmann, 20

"The freckles on my face make it look more beautiful."

Boardwalk Beauties

Jenna Cantor, 22

"My skin is baby soft. I've been obsessively moisturizing it since I was 12 years old."

Boardwalk Beauties

Grace Schwartz, 26

"Ever since a plastic surgeon asked me for a mold of my nose, I've realized how perfectly it fits my face."

Boardwalk Beauties

Caroline Bourassa, 20

"I was born on the 4th of July, so it's fitting that I'm proud of my all-American look."

Boardwalk Beauties

Krissy Weiss, 25

"No one else in my family has my yellow-flecked green eyes — I'm one of a kind."

Boardwalk Beauties

Erin Leonard, 21

"Thanks to my years as a soccer star, my legs are muscular and toned — and look awesome in a miniskirt!"

Boardwalk Beauties

Donna Dini, 24

"My cheeks have a natural rosy flush, so I never need to use blush."