A Great Catalog

Athleta has been a long time great catalog-in case you've

never heard of it. You should

definitely check it out. I kinda

forgot then found a copy someone left laying around.

They have amazing support features in almost all of their

tops including dresses, sports bras, swimsuits and yoga-wear. And the colors and print choices are

more than what you normally get to pick from.

In glancing thru the catalog I'm always on the lookout for

new and interesting workout skirts of any kind. And what I found was the cutest little swimsuit skirt. Not

really for training but plenty do-able for a post race cover-up. I'm so anti-jock looking clothes so

this definitely fits the bill. The

"Moroccan Tile Mini Sarong". Bonus: it has two cute tops to match it.

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Athleta Sarong

Sarong Top
Sarong Top Two

Another line I like is the "Surf Side Kurta" which has the coolest pattern and totally hippie chick

cover up. Again, not so much for training but a great little outfit.

Athleta Cover Up

Cover Up Two

If you check out their website they also offer some great

articles and of course I found the "Swim Outside The Lines" article to be very

inspiring. If you're new to the

sport of triathlons you may want to check it out.

Definitely subscribe to this catalog. It's a great alternative to the usual.

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