Big Re-Freshing Scents In A Little Wipe

OK-we all know Whole Foods totally rocks. And for more than great food.

I discovered some sweet smelling wipes while standing in line the other day. Perfect for the heat of summer.

Herban Essentials


Although I'm not into Yoga I did pick the "Yoga Towelettes" this time around.

They smell like lavender and are great for a quick pick me up anywhere / anytime. Half way thru the day, before a meeting, after work and yes even after yoga as the name recommends.

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They also come in peppermint which would be my next pick.

And a convenient multi-pack of mixed towelettes - great when you want to mix things up depending on the day.

At $15.00 a pack for 20 individually wrapped towelettes you can't beat the price and convenience.

There's even eucalyptus ones for the cold winter months.

So do yourself and everyone around you a favor and pick up some great towelettes this summer and even into the winter.

It'll make everyone feel great!

Herban Essentials are available all across the country at a store near you.

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