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I absolutely love this skirt/pant set from SkirtSports.

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The IceQueen Collection uses the highest quality wind-proofing and water-resistance so you stay warm and dry while out in the cold!

  • Heavyweight cold-weather skirt (20-45 degrees) Skirt length 11.5"
  • Wind and cold Resistant Skirt
  • Built in boot-cut pants with back zip gussets
  • Pockets under the skirt
  • Hi-tech music port

The description does not list the pant length but other products from SkirtSports show 30 1/4 inseam.

I'd luv if if they offered differnt pant lengths because as is it makes this product very limiting. It'd be better than Christmas morning if they were available in 38" inseams too!

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But if you can fit these given dimensions it's a fierce look for sure. I'd pair them with a big pair of Fluff Momma Uggs and you're on your way!

ICe Queen Collection is also available in black.

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