The Best of Boutique Fitness

If you're looking to get in shape for spring, look no further: We've rounded up — and tested out — the best boutique workouts around. These are the classes you need to try right now.


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    What is FlyBarre? According to master instructor Kara Liotta, it's a full body workout, based on the idea of high repetitions at low weights. It utilizes a number of tools — resistance bands, balls, small weights, and a ballet barre — as well as choreographed intervals that keep you energized and get your heart pumping. The soundtrack is pretty stellar, too!

    What does it do? Liotta says that the workout is designed to lengthen, tone, and sculpt. It builds strength, but aims to keep muscles carved and elongated instead of bulky. The dance-y, upbeat routines keep your heart pounding, and the hands-on instructors challenge you to hold each position for just a bit longer than you think you can.

    How does it feel? No matter what your fitness level, you'll likely feel fatigued pretty early on during your first FlyBarre class, thanks to the high number of reps and wide variety of intervals. You will certainly be sore for a day or two afterward — even in muscles you didn’t know you had. 

    How can you get the workout at home? To get sculpted arms, find your favorite 5 minute workout song and grab a set of light weights — Liotta suggests either 2 or 3 pounds. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips and a soft bend in your knees. Your chest should be lifted and your shoulders pressing down and away from your ears.  Extend your arms long out to the sides of your body and begin small pulsing movements with just a slight bend in your elbows, palms facing the ceiling. Try to keep your arms fully extended away from your torso to create that lean, sculpted look. You can add variety by changing the position of your palms and wrists to work into different muscles of your arms. 

    Classes start at $30. For more information and studio locations, visit

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