The Skinny on the Stars

Whether we like to fully admit it or not, we all obsess over the seemingly flawless bodies of Hollywood's A-list. And while some claim to eat whatever they want and work out sometimes, it's not really that easy. Here are some of the hottest diet and fitness trends keeping the stars fit.


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    Physique 57

    Almost every woman we know would kill for a ballerina body, you know, without all the starvation and endless hours on pointe. Enter Physique 57, a program based on isometric exercises and stretches meant to elongate and strengthen your muscles and a favorite of stars like Zooey Deschanel, Kelly Ripa, Parker Posey and fashion designer Erin Fetherston. Muscles groups are targeted and worked to the point of fatigue, using the body's own weight as resistance, and then stretched out. And when we say fatigue, we mean fatigue. The workout is killer but the results are worth it. One look at the toned arms of your neighbor in class (or on their DVD series) and you'll push through.
    Courtesy of Physique 57
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