The Skinny on the Stars

Whether we like to fully admit it or not, we all obsess over the seemingly flawless bodies of Hollywood's A-list. And while some claim to eat whatever they want and work out sometimes, it's not really that easy. Here are some of the hottest diet and fitness trends keeping the stars fit.


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    The women of New York City—including Kelly Ripa and Chelsea Clinton—have a cult-like obsession with SoulCycle. The spinning studios are the brainchild of Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler. Both had careers in the non-fitness world and came up with the idea for SoulCycle because they personally felt something was missing from their workout choices. They've since built quite a community around those 45-minute full body workouts (crunches and arm weights included...while you ride!). With beautiful studios, great customer service and committed teachers, clients feel like they're getting way more than the average spinning class each time. The good news is expansion is in the works! Two new NYC locations and one in Roslyn, NY will be open by the end of the year. And the first Los Angeles studio will open in January 2012, with two more following later in the year.
    Courtesy of SoulCycle
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