The Skinny on the Stars

Whether we like to fully admit it or not, we all obsess over the seemingly flawless bodies of Hollywood's A-list. And while some claim to eat whatever they want and work out sometimes, it's not really that easy. Here are some of the hottest diet and fitness trends keeping the stars fit.


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    The Studio (MDR)

    Sebastien Lagree's SPX/System Dynamique is very much a west coast fitness phenomenon. Rarely is there anything at all that you can't find in New York City, but this workout is one of them. One of the newest, and grooviest, studios to open is just blocks from the beach in Marina del Rey, The Studio (MDR). Owner Lisa Hirsch is a former music industry executive who discovered the workout that changed her body and has now turned it into a career. Trainers like superstar Ky Evans lead classes on Megaformers (think next, next, next level Pilates reformers)that work out your entire body. SPX is basically a combination of different elements of Pilates, cardio and weight training, all using the resistance offered by the beds. To say you'll be sore after your first class is a wicked understatement, but you'll be hooked. Especially after you see how toned your bum and abs start looking.
    Courtesy of The Studio (MDR)
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