The Skinny on the Stars

Whether we like to fully admit it or not, we all obsess over the seemingly flawless bodies of Hollywood's A-list. And while some claim to eat whatever they want and work out sometimes, it's not really that easy. Here are some of the hottest diet and fitness trends keeping the stars fit.


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    Pressed Juicery

    Los Angeles has long been known as a haven for health nuts—everyone loves to share their latest cleanse or time-reversing herb. Lately all the cool kids in town from Nicole Richie to Zooey Deschanel have been spotted toting around juice from Pressed Juicery, located by the Brentwood Country Mart and now with a second location in Malibu. All of their organic juices are pressed daily with the belief that the quickest and easiest way to get the body essential nutrients is through juice. You can buy them individually or try a three or five day cleanse (complete with home delivery!) And the good news is they just started shipping all over the United States. My personal favorites are Greens 2 (kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon), Apple Cinnamon, Apple Strawberry Coconut and the delicious treat that is their Almond Milk with almonds, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt, and filtered water.
    Courtesy of Pressed Juicery
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