The 5 Most Popular Vibrators Reviewed

In the market for a new vibe? The well-known sex shop Good Vibrations tells us about its best-sellers.

A little while back — after a day when I was singing the pleasures of self-pleasure — some of you wrote in to ask me if I could recommend some vibrators. Since I'm no expert — I tend to use the same exact models over and over — I asked sex educator Carol Queen, who works for Good Vibrations, a sex shop based out of San Francisco that sells around the world through its site. She was happy to survey its data and report back about Good Vibe's five biggest sellers:

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the hitachi magic wand
The Hitachi Magic Wand

This toy is used externally, for clitoral vibration. Because of its big, cushy head and elegant design, it's sometimes called "The Cadillac."

The G-Swirl
The G-Swirl

Unlike the Magic Wand, this is a dildo. It goes inside you and has a curved tip that's designed to help you engage your G-spot. (I personally have never used anything curved like this, but frankly, it sounds ... intriguing.) It also has a ridged base, which helps to stimulate the walls of your vaginal cavity. (I'm not sure I care so much about that kind of thing, but you might.)

the gigi
The Gigi

Like the G-Swirl, this toy can help you find the G-spot, though it's shaped differently — with a much larger and smoother head so that you can also use it on the clitoris.

the water dancer

4. The Water Dancer

This, like the Magic Wand, is designed for external use. Unlike the Wand, which has a smooth, rounded tip, this guy has a warty tip that helps provide a more intense sensation. (I've never used anything like this, but I notice it has only one speed and requires only one battery. That means this toy won't be intense enough for me. But some people prefer to use products that are a little gentler.)

the rabbit
5. The Rabbit Habit

If you look closely, you'll see that there is an actual rabbit hanging off the base! That little guy will wiggle his ears to help stimulate you clitorally. The shaft goes inside your bod, and the tip of it moves in a circular motion against your G-spot. This animal takes three AA batteries. I approve; that sounds powerful enough to me. (In case you were wondering, it's almost identical to one that was featured in an episode of Sex and the City with Samantha Jones.)

Lovelies, if you want to weigh in with your favorite products, please go ahead.


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