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Everything you need to know for festival season 2017.

Inside the Disaster Known As Fyre Music Festival
It was marketed as a luxurious getaway for jet-set millennials. Now it's postponed and customers are crying scam.
Lady Gaga at Coachella weekend two
Lady Gaga Performed at Coachella Again
It included a new jacket, rainbow hair, and a keytar.
Coachella's Most Eye-Catching Looks
We see you, we see you.
How to Make the Most Out of Coachella
You're not there for a long time, so have the *best* time.
The Craziest Experiences at Music Festivals
Personal concierges and private entrances > Porta Potties.
All the Celebrities at Coachella This Year
How many chokers can you count?
Drake Accuses Coachella Club of Racial Profiling
"The most offensive place I have ever stayed at in my life."
Lady Gaga's New Movie Is Filming at Coachella
*Quickly makes a "this will get me noticed" flower crown.*
All the Celebrities at Coachella 2017
So many short shorts and peace signs.
Lady Gaga's New Single Is Here
She knows how to surprise her fans.
8 Non-Cliché Beauty Trends for Festival Season
This is a flower-crown-free zone.
Where to Stay, Eat, and Drink in Joshua Tree
Plus, Los Angeles recs to round out a getaway. 🌵🌴
7 Coachella Outfits That Won't Make You Cringe
Instead, your kids will find your picture on the internet and be like, "Who's that babe?" (It's you.)
An Insider's Guide to Doing Austin Like a Local
Style blogger Jessi Afshin shares her favorite local spots.
Weekend Trip Guide: Where to Go in NYC
48 hours in one of the best cities in the world? LET'S GO.
Secret Beauty Side Effect of Coachella
What does a weekend of chill debauchery do to your skin and hair? Not what you think.
5 Cool Festival-Ready Hairstyles
Because flower crowns have been over for, like, three years.
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