Get Excited: Glossier Is Launching a Fragrance

Introducing "Glossier You."

Getty Images

Glossier recently launched a body wash and lotion, hit the three-year mark, and began business in the U.K. The beloved beauty brand isn't slowing down, though, and will now set its sights on the fragrance industry.

Glossier took to Instagram to announce its debut fragrance Glossier You. The fragrance was first teased by Glossier founder Emily Weiss at a Top Shelf Live event in August.

She also described the upcoming scent in an interview with Vogue. "A subtle take on musk and iris that launches at the end of next month—stays true to the brand’s ethos of individualism," Weiss said. “I want it to smell like your boyfriend’s neck after he has been wearing cologne for eight hours."

There's no official information on the perfume's release date yet, but if you make a purchase on Glossier's website, you can include a sample of the scent as one your trial-sized freebies.

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