Rainbow Roots = the New Hair Trend of Your Technicolor Dreams

Color us obsessed.

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First it was sand art hair (opens in new tab) and rainbow hues (opens in new tab), then color-blocked (opens in new tab) locks, opal hair (opens in new tab)colombré (opens in new tab), baby-soft pink (opens in new tab), and silvery gray (opens in new tab) strands—the list goes on. Girls just can't stop dyeing their hair every shade on the spectrum, and the most recent technicolor trend is one of the coolest yet: rainbow roots.

This (relatively) subtle look is basically the opposite of colorombré (opens in new tab), featuring rainbow colors applied to the roots of your hair only, instead of the tips. It's ideal for those who want a taste of the colorful hair trend, without the total commitment of an all-over rainbow mane.

Lottie Tomlinson, little sister to One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and up-and-coming beauty guru, tried out this bright new trend on her white-blonde locks and the result is ~mesmerizing~. 

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