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Um, You Could Get Five Diptyque Candles for $55 at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

Are you there, God? It's me, a candle-hoarder.

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To me, Diptyque candles have always felt like a symbol of "adulting." First of all, they're a little luxury—a single candle costs $64 so you've got to have some financial stability. Second, they're decorative and will presumably reside in a grown-up home or apartment that makes you actually care about things like ambiance and decor.

You don't buy a Diptyque candle on a whim, you buy it with intention. And, if there's a sale on these cult-favorites? Click "add to cart" quicker than you can say "Baies."

Nordstrom's 2018 anniversary sale is here, and one of the best deals is a set of five small Diptyque candles for $55 (usually $75). They're all fancy-looking. They're all delicious-smelling. It features all the Diptyque best-ofs including Figuier (fig tree), Baies (roses and blackcurrant), Feu de Bois (cracking fire), Roses (floral), Tubereuse (tuberose).


Diptyque, $55 (originally $75)


Since you'd be scoring five candles, you can divide and conquer a little spa environment in each corner of your life: your office desk, your bedroom, your bathroom, etc. You can also just let them sit pretty together on a vanity or coffee table for the 'gram. After all, these candles are purely ornaments never meant to be lit—don't you know that?

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