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Glass Hair Is the Instagram Trend You're About to See Everywhere

Even your best friend is going to have this hair in a week.

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Folks, it is the summer of hair. And while we’ve watched virtually every major celebrity in Hollywood chop off their hair into an itsy-bitsy bob and/or dye it blonde, we are now witnessing the birth of a very new trend: glass hair.

What’s glass hair, you ask? Oh, just a completely gorgeous, 100 percent inspo-worthy look involving a sharp haircut that’s styled to smooth, polished, shiny perfection. Basically, it’s hair that looks like it was cut from glass, as was originally reported by Refinery29. Glass hair has been slowly rippling through the Hollywood world all summer, though we’ve all been too distracted by the barrage of celebrity bobs to notice their accompanying glass-like texture.

The History

First came Kim Kardashian’s blunt-cut bob, which looked as sleek and shiny as a polished marble, and then came Khloe Kardashian’s cropped bob, which—yup, you guessed it—was as smooth and reflective as a sheet of ice. And that, dear friends, is what glass hair is. If the whole trend sounds high-maintenance and hard to achieve at home, you’d be correct! Because humidity is the natural enemy of glass hair.

Of course, none of these celebs were born with naturally smooth, glass-like hair. Instead, their ultra-reflective styles are the result of a ton of hair products, and probably never stepping foot outside. Which means that yes, even you can cash in on the trend at home.

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The How-To

“For me, getting an intense shine was [a] really important part of our look,” wrote celeb hairstylist Chris Appleton on a photo of Kim K’s new glass bob.

To get the shine, Appleton blew out Kim’s hair with ColorWow Dream Coat Spray (note: He’s a spokesperson for the brand, though I’ve personally used this spray before and it really does add shine and lock out frizz), before polishing off the style by rubbing a few drops of shine serum over the mid-lengths to ends of her hair (try O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum for fine hair or Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil Serum for thick or curly hair). The result: Crazy smooth, reflective, glossy hair.

I’m not going to say this trend will be the easiest to recreate at home (you’ve gotta commit to a blunt-cut bob or lob, first), but considering you’re about to see it all over Instagram in the coming weeks, I suggest you grab some shine sprays, your round brush, and get glassing.

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