How to Get Long-Lasting Hair Highlights

Like many other 20-something cubicle-dwellers who crave golden highlights in the summer, I don't have the time to get naturally sun-kissed locks nor the funds to get frequent touch-ups. When the mercury started rising earlier this year, I turned to celeb colorist Louis Licari for some pointers on how to get (and maintain) highlights that would brighten my look — and wouldn't require a touch-up for three to four months.

In this video, Licari shares some of his shade-smarts, including that dye should be applied to the bottom of highlight sections so that roots will grow in gradually, that one box of hair dye is never enough for at-home color-jobs — always buy two — and that shower filters are essential for anyone with shade-enhanced strands because they remove mineral deposits, which eventually cause brassy color.

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