Lazy Girl vs. The Summer House Share

In the world of female relationships, sharing a bathroom can be just as dicey as sharing as man. So, we've pulled together this list of no-no's to make your next friend-filled getaway a bit less stressful.

Don't Splurge on Your Stash.

As much as you might want to pack your top-dollar travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, and face creams for your rare vacation, hold off. The luxe labels will be appealing (and promising) to desperate friends looking to fix their sun-fried strands and faces. Instead, opt for drugstore buys for the week (hydrating formulas are key if you're in the sun a lot) or use nondescript, refillable bottles to package your must-have pricier potions.

Don't Forget to Plan

For trips that promise nightlife livin' just as much as daytime R&R, a little advance organization can go a long way to simplifying your (and your girlfriends') beauty packing. A week before wheels up, create a list with your travel buddies that includes your main primping essentials (like hot tools and hair pins) and divvy up the suitcase-saving responsibilities. Just remember to assign someone the task of picking up an adapter or two if you're heading out of the States.

Don't Bring a Sunscreen Spray

One of the things that makes SPF sprays so effective at blocking UV rays is the same reason you might not want to pack one for a communal vacay: They make it easier to use a lot of formula quickly. So, if you only have room for one sunblock in your bag, opt for a lotion over a spritz to ensure that you (and your forgetful gals) can stay sun savvy all weekend.

Don't Leave Out Your Essentials

In female-shared spaces, ponytail holders and hair elastics are among the first beauty products to evaporate into thin air. Add in sandy terrain, and they're as good as toast. So, if you're a stickler about being able to pull back your strands on-the-fly, keep a reserve of troubleshooting hair essentials in a sealed pouch in your bag.

Don't Share Everything

Hygiene (and attention to details) can fall by the wayside when friends are enjoying a boozy night. So, err on the side of caution and keep items that are most likely to transmit bacteria and viruses (like your mascara, tooth brush, razor, eye makeup, and lipsticks) stowed away safely in your luggage when you're not using them.

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