7 Huge Beauty Trends That Will Be Out in 2018

May they rest in peace.

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Alright, folks—we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the crazy, mind-melting, WTF-worthy sideshow known as 2017 is almost over. The bad news is that as we say hello to the new year, we’ll also be saying goodbye to a heap of 2017’s wildest, coolest, and most-viral beauty trends.

We know, we know. But before you tear up, we'll point out the obvious—no trend truly ever dies (proof: crimped hair), nor should trends ever really dictate what you should and shouldn't wear, because you do you. Even still, we'll be seeing a lot less of these looks in the new year, so please, pay your respects by remembering the year's craziest beauty trends that are going to go "live on a farm" in 2018.

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1 Unicorn Nails

Sure, 2017 was technically the Year of the Rooster, but unicorns came in a damn close second (remember the color-changing Frappuccino that shook the world?). Here’s hoping rope braids stick around, but unicorn-inspired nails may have reached the end of their life span.

3 Fidget Spinner Anything

We can all collectively agree that the Internet's happiest moment of 2017 was that month when ~everything~ was about fidget spinners, right? The massive crop of fidget-spinner beauty products may or may not have created the same effect, but even so—three-in-one lip balms are pretty genius.

4 Barbed Wire Brows

For the most adventurist of trend wearers were barbed wire brows—a cool, piece-y style that looked great on our Pinterest boards, but maybe a tad bit extra on our faces. Especially when covered in glitter and rhinestones.

5 Squiggle Lips

The Internet does weird things—like take beauty jokes and morph them into legit trends. Exhibit A: these wavy lips, which quickly (albeit, momentarily) took over our Insta feeds for the summer, after the bright, shining star that was squiggle brows.

6 Glitter Roots

Glitter roots made for some really, really, ridiculously good-looking photo ops. The clean up? Not so much (translation: not even a vat of shampoo can remove that shit). And the environment hasn't been to happy about it, either.

7 Carved Brows

Hear us out: We love a strong brow, but the carved trend felt a bit too Avatar inspired for everyday wear. The look did showcase some seriously impressive makeup mastery, though. And for that, we bow down, say a silent prayer, and release this trend back into the ether.

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