A Definitive Guide to Pronouncing Fancy Beauty Brands

That's tee-air-ee-mu-glare, to you.
Text, Pattern, Pink, Red, Magenta, Font, Rectangle, Square, Graphics,
"Erin Toland"
Ever splurged on a luxe beauty product with a fancy brand name you couldn't pronounce? We've been there. The good news: It's nothing a cheat guide can't fix. From L'Occtane to Shiseido, we've narrowed down the brands with most perplexing pronunciations and broken them down phonetically so that you'll no longer have to mutter SK-II under your breath.
Text, Pattern, Pink, Red, Magenta, Font, Rectangle, Square, Graphics,
"Erin Toland"
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Yellow, Text, Orange, Amber, Colorfulness, Font, Majorelle blue, Electric blue, Peach, Brand,
Erin Toland
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Green, Text, Colorfulness, Font, Teal, Turquoise, Rectangle,
"Erin Toland"
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Green, Text, Purple, Violet, Colorfulness, Magenta, Pink, Pattern, Font, Lavender,
"Erin Toland"
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Blue, Green, Text, Colorfulness, Teal, Aqua, Turquoise, Pattern, Font, Electric blue,
Erin Toland
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Blue, Text, Majorelle blue, Electric blue, Font, Colorfulness, Cobalt blue, Azure, Rectangle,
Erin Toland
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Green, Colorfulness, Pattern, Text, Red, Font, Rectangle, Design, Graphics, Square,
Erin Toland
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Orange, Yellow, Text, Colorfulness, Amber, Pattern, Font, Peach, Tan, Brand,
Erin Toland
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Green, Text, Colorfulness, Magenta, Pattern, Red, Pink, Purple, Line, Font,
Erin Toland
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Issey Miyake
Green, Violet, Purple, Text, Magenta, Colorfulness, Pink, Line, Lavender, Font,
Erin Toland
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Green, Text, Teal, Turquoise, Colorfulness, Aqua, Font, Pattern, Azure, Electric blue,
Erin Toland
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La Roche-Posay
Blue, Green, Text, Colorfulness, Majorelle blue, Electric blue, Font, Azure, Aqua, Cobalt blue,
Erin Toland
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Leonor Greyl
Blue, Text, Electric blue, Font, Majorelle blue, Colorfulness, Azure, Aqua, Pattern, Turquoise,
Erin Toland
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Green, Text, Magenta, Pink, Colorfulness, Pattern, Font, Rectangle, Violet, Square,
Erin Toland
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Text, Colorfulness, Magenta, Purple, Violet, Pink, Font, Pattern, Lavender, Material property,
Erin Toland
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Green, Yellow, Colorfulness, Text, Pattern, Teal, Turquoise, Aqua, Font, Azure,
Erin Toland
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Blue, Text, Majorelle blue, Electric blue, Aqua, Font, Turquoise, Azure, Cobalt blue, Teal,
Erin Toland
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Blue, Green, Colorfulness, Text, Purple, Violet, Lavender, Pink, Pattern, Electric blue,
Erin Toland
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Green, Text, Colorfulness, Pattern, Magenta, Red, Purple, Pink, Violet, Font,
Erin Toland
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Text, Red, Colorfulness, Font, Carmine, Rectangle, Coquelicot,
Erin Toland
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Thierry Mugler
/tee-air-ee mu-glare/
Colorfulness, Yellow, Green, Orange, Text, Pattern, Amber, Font, Logo, Majorelle blue,
Erin Toland
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