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The 3 Tools Every Woman with Amazing Brows Has

Time to streamline your arsenal.

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Perfect arches require more than a trip to the salon for waxing or tweezing, but surprisingly, not much more. These three tools are all you need to up your daily brow game.

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1 A Twist-Up Pencil

Why you need it: It fills in holes and adds structure, like lengthening a short tail, bulking up thin arches, or defining a sparse inner brow.

What's great about this one: It's a twist up—no sharpening needed, thank goodness. Plus, it's a cinch to use since it's neither too soft nor too hard. This one also has a powder with a sponge applicator on the opposite end.

Pro tip: Struggling to stroke on short, feather-like hairs worthy of a pro? No worries. The powder will make it all work. "It'll set light-handed pencil strokes and soften heavy-handed marks, so they look more natural," says Marybeth Madron, makeup artist and eyebrow specialist.

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Brow Define and Fill Duo, $7.99; amazon.com

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2 Slant-Tip Tweezers

Why you need it: This no-brainer adds shape and plucks strays.

What's great about this one: "The Swiss brand is consistently precise," says Madron, who flies through tweezers and has never purchased a bad pair from Rubis. The company also has an adjustment service, which is key. "Dropping your tweezer just one time can throw off the alignment of the edges that need to meet perfectly to pull out fine hairs," Madron says.

Pro tip: Use your pencil before you tweeze. Draw in your ideal shape on both brows, then pluck any stray hairs. "This trick will stop you from overdoing it while you're staring at a magnifying mirror after a glass of wine," Madron says. (We've all been there.)

Rubis 'Swiss Tweeze' slant tweezer, $45; blissworld.com

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3 A Brow Mascara

Why you need it: The gel sets unruly hairs, colors light ones, and bulks up fine brows.

What's great about this one: It comes in clear and colored versions. The transparent option works to set dark brows, while the dark brown, soft brown, auburn, and blonde varieties define washed-out brows.

Pro tip: Brush the gel in upward strokes to score a feathery, tomboy brow. Want mega volume instead? Start at the tail of your brow and brush towards your nose, and then reverse and apply in the opposite direction, Madron says: "That way you're coating both sides of the hair to make it extra-thick."

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Brow Drama, $6.59; amazon.com

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