13 Best Callus Removers to Leave Your Feet Soft and Smooth as Hell

And they're pretty enough to chill in your shower.

13 Callus Removers That'll Legit *Transform* Your Dry, Winter Feet
(Image credit: Khadija Horton)

Wanna know my least favorite thing about winter? Good, bc I'm telling you anyway: Cold, dry weather does an effing number on my feet. Cute, I know. That’s why I’ve become lowkey obsessed with the at-home antidote to dry, cracked heels: callus removers. Whether it’s a cream, a gel, or a stone, there are so many callus treatments on the market right now that you don't even need a salon appointment to get smooth, soft-AF skin. And I'm not just talking about those classic foot files you have hidden away in your bathroom drawer—today's callus removers are super innovative (think: peels, patches, and even soaks) and are powerful enough to break down hard skin fast. So if calluses aren't a part of your agenda for spring and summer, do yourself a favor and shop the 13 best removers of all time, below. 

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