What I Love About Me: Pretty Patriotic

These fabulous citizens share what it takes to be a true American beauty.
what i love about me jennider kalanges
Jordan Silverman
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American Beauty
Jennifer Kalanges, 24 Burlington, VT "Living in a small, Northeastern town, I have always stood out because of my Greek and Irish features."
what i love about me
Jesse Chehak
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American Beauty
Alix McVay, 25 Santa Fe, NM "I love that I'm comfortable enough with myself to not always care how I look."
what i love about me shelah marie
Stephen Aviano
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American Beauty
Shelah Marie, 25 Miami, FL "I shaved off my chemically straightened hair when I was teaching on an army base because I wanted my natural texture back."
what i love about me cara rosenthal
David McClister
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American Beauty
Cara Rosenthal, 28 Louisville, KY "I try to emulate my mother. She's a lawyer and a professor and can leave the house with wet hair and still stop traffic."
what i love about me kristie henslin
Rebecca Greenfield
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American Beauty
Kristie Henslin, 25 Madison, WI "Perseverance. I suffer from hearing loss and am working on my doctorate in audiology so I can help others."
what I love about me jen craymer
Joao Canziani
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American Beauty
Jen Craymer, 26 San Diego, CA "I'm proud to come from a long line of strong women — my grandmother had a pilot's license — and follow in their footsteps."
what i love about me leah samaha
Mackenzie Stroh
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American Beauty
Leah Samaha, 22 Princeton, NJ "Being Lebanese and Scotch-Irish, I love that my olive skin tone allows me to wear less makeup."
what i love about me joanna jackson
Amanda Friedman
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American Beauty
JoAnna Jackson, 30 Chicago, IL "I have the freedom to look how I want, when I want. I can go from being an ER doctor in scrubs to a girl on the dance floor in a bright dress."
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