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Do You Need Blowout Insurance for Your Hair?

Oscar Blandi

This summer has been especially steamy, and I've practically given up on going to the salon. I mean, what's the point of paying for a blowout only to watch it deflate after a couple of hours? But then I spoke with celebrity stylist (and owner of one of my favorite New York City hair meccas) Oscar Blandi. He's been sun, sweat, and humidity-proofing Kelly Ripa's hair all summer long — and this hard-working TV host makes a lot of outdoor appearances.

Oscar's secret? Dry shampoo. No, not just at the roots or to revive a day-old style, but on freshly-styled, clean hair.

"After your blowdry, spray the dry shampoo all over your head like hairspray," he says. Not only will it soak up grease as you start sweating, but it will also repel dirt, frizz, and general summer nastiness so your blowout stays pristine. Think of it like Scotch-Guard stain repellent for your hair. The trick is that you can't use just any dry shampoo. While powder or powder mist formulas are great for grease absorption and giving structure to updos, they have a tendency to turn the rest of your mane matte (and sometimes ashy).

For blowout insurance, new clear formulas are the answer. As invisible as spray wax, these new dry shampoos give hair a sexy tousled texture ... if you want it. (If you prefer a sleek style, brush the product through and don't rumple your hair with your hands.) Just hold the aerosol can at least six inches away from your hair and keep the can moving. You're looking for a protective shield, not helmet head.

Try this tip today and tell me how well your hair holds up through the weekend.

MC recommends: Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo; Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

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