How to Say So Long to Out-of-Control Hair

How a Brazilian Keratin hair treatment can straighten hair on the most humid of hot, summer days.

curly hair
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

No question about it — I have naturally frizzy, Albert Einstein-esque, reminiscent-of-a-fur-ball hair. I've battled with it for years and have always dreaded the summers, when I was forced to sport an afro for three humidity-heavy, scorching months. But this summer was different.

My secret: The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment and my goddess of a hairdresser, Charlie Regec of The Whittemore House Salon in New York. After the painless 90-minute treatment, I emerged with loose, easy-to-manage, slip-your-fingers-though curls. I can now even straighten my hair within fifteen minutes on my own. It previously would have taken me upwards of two hours. It's unbelievable.

Can you believe this is me now?

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(Image credit: Marie Claire)

But this wasn't my first attempt to tame my frizz. I once tried Japanese straightening, which chemically restructures the bonds in your hair to make it stick straight, 24/7. It sounded like heaven. But when my new hair grew in, it was obviously very unflattering, with the roots curly and the bottom pin-straight. And I still have nightmares about the damage the treatment did to my hair.

But the Brazilian treatment takes a different approach, with the keratin repairing your hair, actually making it healthier, while simultaneously cutting frizz. I'm also not limited to one look and the treatment isn't permanent, so I won't have an issue with the regrowth this time.

While I admit it is a little pricey (around $500), it was worth every cent for me. I've already signed up for my touch-up appointment in a couple of months.