Fiiiiinally: Curly-Haired Emojis Are Here

In over 27 different textures.

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As part of its #LoveYourCurls mission, Dove has released a series of curly-haired emojis and as a woman with a head full of frizzy ringlets (opens in new tab), I have but one thing to say: It's about damn time.

For far too long, there's been a void in the emoji sphere for different hair textures—but not anymore. Today, you can now text, tweet, and post 27 different curl designs with several different hair colors and, perhaps most importantly, skin tones. That's a total of 131 different emojis to choose from, which is pretty remarkable when you consider the limited options we've been stuck with these past few years.

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"Emojis are a language of pictures, so when people use that language, they want a symbol that offers them the choice of their individual image, style, or personality," explains Sali Tagliamonte, Dove Language Expert. "The diversity of emojis need to reflect the diversity of our population today, where more than one in three women in the U.S. have curly hair."

Whether you've got soft, free-flowing blonde waves or voluminous, raven black corkscrew curls, there's an emoji for you. Download them for free in the App store (opens in new tab) and Google Play.

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(Image credit: Dove)

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