Burberry Beauty Just Touched Down in London Town

This week, Burberry opens its doors to their very first beauty stand-alone shop, The Burberry Beauty Box. Located in Covent Garden, a famous shopping mecca in London, the new boutique was created to integrate the world of Burberry beauty with the brand's iconic fashion. The store features the latest limited-edition makeup and offers a wide variety of exclusive accessories, from scarves to sunglasses.

Interactive elements have also been added to the storefront, our favorite being the Runway Nail Bar that gives you a chance to try on each nail polish virtually and suggests shades based on your skin tone. (Perfect if you're too jet-lagged to solicit a salesperson's advice.) What's more, the store will carry signature Burberry "looks" each month that you can only shop for in store. I don't know about you, but I think I hear London calling.

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