Prince George's Official First Birthday Pictures Will Put Yours to Shame

Bow down to the Princes of Onsies.

If we recall correctly, our first birthday picture involves a shabby smock and finger paint all over our chubby cheeks. Naturally, the same can't be said for little Prince George of Cambridge, as the official image Clarence House released of the almost-one-year-old ahead of his birthday tomorrow is utter perfection. The portrait was taken during Prince George's trip to visit the Sensational Butterflies exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London earlier this month. Given his outfit-of-choice for the outing, denim pinstriped overalls paired with a navy shirt, we're officially crowning the royal tyke Prince of Onsies.

Update: Two new images have been released, this time with Prince George's parents, Kate and William.

Getty Images

Getty Images

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