Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Instagram!

Be still our hearts.

Your Instagram feed is about to get a lot better. Five-time Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio has finally taken the plunge and joined the social network with the handle @leonardodicaprio. His choice to sign up aligned with this year's United Nations climate summit, which DiCaprio is both attending and speaking at. He said as much in a photo caption. "This seems like the perfect setting to join Instagram and share this view from the UN General Assembly. What a great honor this is." Fittingly so, his first picture was with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The posts to follow the first were of the same vein: overarching views of the UN, photos with global movers and shakers, and messages about climate change.

Once DiCaprio's time at the UN has concluded, let's hope there are selfies galore and behind-the-scenes peeks at films to come. And for his sake, a photo of that much-lusted-after golden statuette on his mantle because it's about time.


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