We Heart a Heart of Darkness

Psychopathic serial killers are usually more scary than sexy (hello, Hannibal!), but when Javier Bardem plays one, we'll make an exception. His portrayal of Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men made us shiver, and not just because of the menace. We averted our eyes during the film's gore, but when Bardem gave a cocky smile or implored his victims to call heads or tails on a coin toss that would decide their fates, we squirmed in our seats for different reasons. Yes, Bardem deserves the Oscar — for being a stone-cold hottie despite a bizarrely bobbed 'do. We've been hearing rumors that Bardem will play Pablo Escobar in a 2009 biopic, so we're pretty excited. And we bet he'll be sexier at it than Vince Chase was on Entourage.

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