Olivia Wilde Gets Mom-Shamed for Kissing Her Son on the Lips

People called the photo "gross."

With over 2.6 million Instagram followers, actress Olivia Wilde probably assumes people are looking at her feed—she's used to it. But the mom-of-two might not have expected the backlash that occurred over a recent photo of her kissing Otis, her 3-year-old son, on the lips.

Wilde, 33, captioned the picture (opens in new tab), "Finding hope in this."

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Like it does for so many women (opens in new tab) in (and out of) the spotlight, the mom-shaming (opens in new tab) commenced. "Kissing your kid like your husband. It's not good for him," one commenter wrote. Others said it was gross and unsanitary.

But there were a great deal of people who came to her defense. "This picture is pure love," one commented. "I hope this child looks at this photo one day and just knows how much his mom clearly loves him!"

"This is a beautiful picture. There is nothing wrong with a mom kissing her kids," another Instagram user said. "So sweet, nothing like a bond between a little boy and his mama," a third wrote, adding, "He is 3 not 18, chill out all you haters."

Wilde, who gave birth to Otis during preproduction of her movie Meadowland, has never been shy about documenting just what goes into motherhood. Back in 2016, she posted this selfie breastfeeding her now-11-month-old daughter Daisy with the caption, "My drinking buddy."

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Wilde admits just how real the struggle is sometimes, captioning another post, "I call this hairstyle, 'keep the kid alive.' Products you'll need: sweat, string cheese, diaper rash cream, chewed up crayon, snot and an enthusiastic spritz of panic." True.

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She's just a mom living her best mom life, and for those who don't agree with her, well … she's not too bothered.

In a 2015 interview (opens in new tab), Wilde spoke of the moment she realized she didn't care about others' judgements anymore, when she started living for herself and didn't worry about "living to keep up expectations."

"You go through all these stages of living for other people," she concluded, "and I think at 30 you say, 'it's my life and I live it for me.'"

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