Who Is Prince Andrew?

In advance of Season 2 of The Crown, we're taking a look at the life of Queen Elizabeth II's second son.

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Even the most casual of royal watchers knows who the major players in the British monarchy are: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and his children, Prince Harry and Prince William (and Duchess Kate and the royal babies, of course).

But one step out of the spotlight are the rest of members of the Firm, as it's sometimes called, including the Queen's three other children: Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew.

They may soon be better known stateside as rumor has it the Queen's latter pregnancies will be central to the second season of The Crown. In advance of its premiere on December 8, here's everything you need to know about Elizabeth and Philip's third child, Prince Andrew.

He's the Queen's second son.

Prince Andrew was born on February 19, 1960. At the time of his birth, he was second in line to the throne, behind his older brother, Prince Charles, but before his older sister Princess Anne. Now, he's sixth in the order of succession, and will drop to seventh with the arrival of the new royal baby.

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He was previously married to Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (better known by most as Fergie) wed on July 23, 1986 at Westminster Abbey to much fanfare, but the relationship was not meant to last. They had two children together, Princess Beatrice (born in August of 1988) and Princess Eugenie (born in March of 1990), but eventually separated in 1992. They divorced in 1996, but remain very close.

Andrew and Fergie on their wedding day.
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Andrew currently holds the title of Duke of York, in addition to Prince.

As is tradition, Andrew was given a dukedom by the Queen on his wedding day.

He's now a full-time royal.

After two decades of serving in the Navy, Andrew now spends his time carrying out official engagements and representing the Queen and Great Britain abroad.

Like many in his family, he is not without scandal.

This summer, the York family drew criticism for allegedly hosting a birthday party for Harper Beckham at Buckingham Palace. In years past, most serious controversies include Andrew's associations with American financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, which caused problems for the royal, as did a video of Fergie appearing to offer access to Prince Andrew for cash.

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