Reese Witherspoon Felt a Personal Responsibility to Create 'Complex Female Characters'

The 'Wild' star and co-producer on getting raw and developing strong roles for women.
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Reese Witherspoon gives a raw, searching performance as a grief-stricken young woman in Wild, which has won her a Best Actress Oscar nomination.

Based on Cheryl Strayed's powerful memoir of the same name, Wild follows the 26-year-old Cheryl as she impulsively sets out to hike 1,000 miles through mountains and desert, and is co-produced by Witherspoon.

Digital Spy sat down with both Witherspoon and Strayed to discuss the film, and began by asking the former about producing two compelling female-led narratives in Wild and Gone Girl.

"I spoke to a lot of studio heads a few years ago and felt that they weren't developing a lot of strong female leads," Witherspoon explains in the video. "I felt a personal responsibility to start to take action, and produce more films that have complex female characters."

Watch the video below to hear Witherspoon discuss her fears around shooting the film's explicit sex and drug-taking scenes, and Strayed discussing the taboo of female promiscuity.

Wild is in theaters now.

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