Kit Harington Admits He Was "Wrong" for Saying He Suffers the Same Sexism as Female Stars

He has apologized for comparing his experiences of objectification to sexism toward women.

Last year, you may remember that Game of Thrones' Kit Harington controversially compared his experiences as man to the sexism women in the television and film industry face on a daily basis.

In an interview with the Sunday Times in May 2016, he said:

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Of course, the newly engaged actor was correct in highlighting that no one—regardless of gender—deserves to be objectified. However, his comments drew criticism at the time as a result of him comparing his experiences and those of women as equal, with some calling the "mansplaination" of sexism as "naive and silencing" to women.

In an industry where women are knowingly undervalued, underpaid, under-hired, under-represented, and experience sexual harassment and assault more often than thinkable—most notably seen following the Harvey Weinstein allegations—it's important to remember than systemic sexism against women is not to be equated with a man's experience.

As a result, the British actor has apologized for his earlier comments.

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Discussing his use of the word "sexism," the actor recently admitted to the Guardian: "I was wrong there, though. Sexism against men is not something I should have really said. I think what I meant was, being objectified."

The 30-year-old, who just revealed he cried when he read the final episode of Game of Thrones, continued:

To contradict GOT's Ygritte—you do know something, Jon Snow.

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