The 12 Biggest Unanswered Questions from 'Stranger Things' Season 2


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This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 2.

Stranger Things 2 has been streaming for more than eight hours now, which means that diehard fans have binged it all. And now? Now we have QUESTIONS. In fact, we have 12 very specific questions, none of which were answered, and all of which are driving us insane.

Poor Will. Between being sucked into the Upside Down, becoming a vessel for a new breed of monsters, and being possessed, this kid has had arguably the worst life of anyone on Stranger Things—and that includes Eleven (who was tortured in a lab) and people who have actually died.

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Since this season didn't end with Will vomiting demonic slugs or flashing to a hellish alternate dimension, we're crossing our fingers that he gets a normal(ish) life when Stranger Things returns.

2. Who is the girl who asked Will to dance?

More girls on the show is always a good thing. But we need some info on this mystery middle schooler.

3. How long will Eleven have to lay low before assuming her new life as Hopper's daughter?

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At the end of Season 2, Owens is seen giving Hopper paperwork that legally identifies Eleven as his daughter—Jane Hopper. Owens advises Hopper to lay low about his new kid for a while, so as to avoid suspicion. But how long will that be? Poor Eleven has already spent a year hiding in Hopper's creepy family cabin.

4. Will Eleven hate Max forever?

Stranger Things 2 introduced a new, badass young lady: Mad Max. While most of The Party fall under her spell immediately (either platonically or romantically), Eleven definitely does not. After spying Max sort-of flirting with Mike, she telekinetically knocks her off a skateboard. Then when they finally meet, Eleven ignores her completely. The message is clear: Eleven hates Max. So, will kissing Mike at the dance and seeing Max kiss Lucas alleviate the jealousy/irrational hatred?

5. Will Mike get more to do next season?

Speaking of Mike, he's...well, not that active this season. He stands by Will's side as he's hit with the terrifying aftereffects of merging with the Shadow Monster, but he doesn't have a ton of agency. In other words, he doesn't drive much of the action, and mostly just mopes about Eleven being gone, objects to letting Max into the group, and fades into the background.

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It totally makes sense that losing Eleven took an emotional toll on Mike, but here's hoping he bounces back in Stranger Things 3.

6. What is Billy's damage?

Sorry, Shadow Monster and demodogs: Billy is the real terror of Stranger Things 2. Billy is Max's older stepbrother and he's a walking nightmare and totally human (as far as we know, at least). He's abusive toward Max, manipulative of adults, and seems to be more than a little racist (he objects in a very scary way to her friendship with Lucas specifically).

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The best villains always have a compelling origin story, and there's no doubt that the Duffer Brothers have a very intriguing one for Billy, but we still don't know just what turned him into the terrifying bully he is today (er, in 1984).

7. Will we see Kali again?

One of the most interesting storylines in ST 2 took place in Chicago, where we met Kali (aka 008), another survivor of Hawkins Lab who meets up and quickly bonds with Eleven. Unlike Eleven, Kali doesn't always use her powers strictly for good. She's on a revenge mission that Eleven just can't get on board with, which is why she ultimately leaves Chicago and returns to Hawkins.

But we can't help wonder: Is this the last we'll see of Kali? She was incredibly interesting and ridiculously badass so we honestly hope it's not.

8. Are there any more ~gifted~ lab survivors?

Related: Are Kali and Eleven the only gifted survivors of the Hawkins Lab experiments or will we meet other special, powerful individuals in future seasons?

9. Will Steve be officially inducted into The Party?

One of the most shocking and amazing things about ST 2 was the unlikely friendship that formed between Steve and Dustin. It was unexpected and delightful, and even though Nancy/Steve shippers might be sad to see the couple split, I, for one, am excited that it gives him more time to hang out with the AV Club, and hope he eventually gets invited to be a Party member.

There's a role for him: He can be The Hair, The Wheels, The Muscle. Those are just a few suggestions and you're welcome to all of them if you are reading this, Duffer Brothers.

10. Will there be #JusticeForBob?

At Comic-Con, Stranger Things director Shawn Levy said that Sean Astin's Bob was this season's Barb and boy was he not kidding.

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Bob—wonderful, nerdy, brilliant, sweet Bob—died tragically at the hands (well, teeth, really) of the demodogs and it was devastating. WILL THERE BE JUSTICE FOR BOB?

11. Are Nancy and Jonathan together?

This a big one. Nancy and Jonathan do hookup during their quest to take down the Lab, but it's not really clear if they're together together or not. They're both volunteering at the middle school dance and they do share a very knowing look across the room, but they shared a knowing look at the end of Season 1, too, and that didn't mean they were making things official by any means.

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Jancy ambiguity is apparently a tradition for Stranger Things finales. Sigh.

12. What does that final shot MEAN?

Another tradition for Stranger Things finales? Reminding us that the Upside Down is still there and still threatening our reality. At the end of Season 1, it was a flash in Will's bathroom as he coughed up slugs. This time around? The middle school literally spun upside down to reveal a version of it, existing in great detail, in the Upside Down.


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