Chrissy Teigen Is Literally Weeping Over Not Being a Victoria's Secret Angel

Someone give this woman some wings already.

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Chrissy Teigen, model, mom, cook and professional Twitter troll, has been relentless in her quest to get herself on the Victoria's Secret catwalk. When we say relentless, we don't been endless gym sessions and letters from her agent—she's just using Twitter to bully VS into hiring her.

Yesterday, we reported that the Sports Illustrated model gave a call-out on social media for people to Photoshop her into a group shot of some of the angels, which had hilarious consequences.

She has also been pretending that she is in Shanghai and ready for her fitting, because Teigen is always one to put in the effort for a joke, and then some.

Proving this point, despite the show being on Monday evening in Shanghai, Teigen has continued her gag, using some videos on Twitter to tell us she's squeezing in one more workout before the big event.

Still not done with the prank, this morning she posted some videos of herself weeping, explaining that her alarm didn't go off, so she missed the show.

The outspoken presenter managed to get such life-like tears by cutting some onions, but, after this performance, maybe she should consider acting?

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