Prince William and Prince Harry Threw a House Party for the 'Star Wars' Cast

By that we mean "palace party."

Prince William and Prince Harry are huge Star Wars nerds fans, and not only were they stormtroopers in The Last Jedi, they showed up at the film's London premiere to chill with BB-8. But that's not all. The royals also through a house party for the cast at Kensington Palace, which by all accounts was whatever the upper class British version of "lit" is.

The Last Jedi cast described the party during a hilarious interview on The Graham Norton Show—where they recalled trying to pose for photos in a throne room, and being "dragged away" by someone for trying to pose for said photos. Mark Hamill also recounted his urge to steal from the royals, and Daisy Ridley shaded them for calling their palace a "cottage."

Basically, full-on LOLs right this way.

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