Kate Middleton Makes Her First Post-Baby Appearance

But who cares, because PRINCE GEORGE SIGHTING!


Today, the Duchess of Cambridge made her first public appearance since giving us the gift of a new royal baby. Kate Middleton joined Prince William, Prince Harry, and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (that'd be Charles and Camilla) to celebrate the Queen's birthday—and since this is the Queen, it wasn't just an ice cream cake at the local Hitters, Hackers And Hoops, it was a parade! The Trooping of the Colour parade, to be exact, with more than 1,000 soldiers coming out to mark the Queen's 89th.

But really, the most exciting part is: Kate is back! She wore a perky floral number and a DISHY bold white hat that looks, well, kind of plate-like. According to @WhatWouldKateDo the dress coat is by Catherine Walker, one of Princess Diana's favorite designers, and the hat is by Lock & Co.

And really, really that's not the most exciting part...because PRINCE GEORGE made an appearance as well!

He was spotted watching his mum and dad take part in the parade from a window...

And then made his first appearance on the balcony wearing vintage, reportedly—the same blue outfit Prince William wore for his debut balcony appearance back in 1984.


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