Watch Nicole Kidman's Incredibly Awkward Kiss with Keith Urban After Winning at the Golden Globes

She got there in the end...

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Just when Nicole Kidman's Oscar 'seal' clapping had become a thing of the past, the star endures another awkward award ceremony moment as she fails to locate husband Keith Urban's face.

The actress had just won best actress in a limited series for her powerful performance in HBO's Big Little Lieswhen she attempted to celebrate with a kiss with hubby Keith, but unfortunately Keith wasn't quite ready.

And what ensued was a slightly embarrassing 10-second exchange during which Nicole tried to kiss the country singer on the lips as he tried to stand up. But she got there in the end, and thankfully the moment has been captured with a gif on Twitter.

Some viewers pointed out on Twitter that Keith was just being the perfect gentleman and husband and was trying to not to stand on Nicole's gown which is why he wasn't ready for the kiss.

One Twitter user wrote: "It was clear that he was trying to exit his chair to stand and not step on her dress, thus the delay in the kiss. It was beautiful, not awkward."

Meanwhile, Nicole thanked her Big Little Lies co-stars including Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern during her acceptance speech, and spoke out against domestic abuse.

"This character that I played represents something that is the centre of our conversation right now: abuse," Nicole said.

"I do believe and I hope that we can elicit change through the stories we tell and the way we tell them."

She closed her emotive and affecting speech by sharing her unwavering love for husband Keith, adding: "Keith Urban, when my cheek is against yours, everything else melts away and that's love."

Awww... and congrats, Nicole!

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