True Love Lives: Watch Calvin Harris Babysit Taylor Swift's Cats

A palliative for the summer of celebrity breakups.

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If you were getting despondent over the recent rash of celebrity breakups and heartbreaks, I am here to offer you hope. True love, it seems, is not dead just yet. Thanks to Calvin Harris, boyfriend of songstress and cat lady Taylor Swift, love survives to celebrate another glorious day in the sun. Because, as Mashable reports, Calvin went and did something so very, very special—he babysat Taylor's cats.

For those of us Swifties "in the know," it's no secret that Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson are not always the easiest cats to deal with, if there is such a thing. Taylor has documented her struggle to earn the love of her beloved cats, who, like most felines, tolerate her only until they feel compelled to claw her to death. It's a cat lover's life.

But Calvin is a man in love and therefore totally undaunted by such challenges as moody cats who are secretly plotting your demise. When Taylor went to Joe Jonas' surprise birthday party, the DJ volunteered to cat-sit and Snapchatted his adventures throughout the night. The best part is when he attempts to explain to Olivia Benson that she can't have "human food." Sigh. At least you tried, Calvin. 

Watch Calvin's "Adventures in Cat-Sitting" below:

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